Health benefits of banana

In this amazing new year, let’s talk about banana. Banana is incredibly healthy. It must exist in every diet plan available not only because of the health benefits but also for its texture that makes you full easily and keeps it that way for a good amount of time. It works best as a snack to keep you feeling full. Feeling full means less craving to eat a lot.
Banana contains a lot of essential nutrition that our body needs. Fiber and mineral are the two most important substances that a banana has. One of the minerals contained in them is potassium, a high potassium consumption is linked with a 20% decreased risk of dying from all causes. Banana also contains about 100 calories with almost no fat, what a perfect food for our healthy lifestyle.

Health benefits of banana
fresh banana with a ton of Health benefits of it

Banana controls your blood sugar level
Bananas are rich in pectin, a kind of fiber. Pectin helps regulate the blood sugar after the meal and also reduce appetite by slowing stomach emptying, keeping you feel full longer than other foods. Banana also has a low to medium glycemic index, a measure of how quickly foods increase blood sugar levels. However, even if banana does not increase your blood sugar level quickly, a diabetes patient should not consume too many ripened bananas, and still, monitor their blood sugar level.

Bananas Helps you lose Weight
Although there is no current research about a direct link between banana and weight loss, banana has some qualities to be a food that helps us to lose weight. First of all, the amount calories; as it stated earlier, banana contains approximately 100 calories with almost no fat, plus its other nutrition and the ability to keep you full. The next one is a high amount of fiber. Fiber is linked with lower body weight and weight loss, many studies suggested that.

Bananas keep your heart healthy
Potassium is one of the minerals contained in banana and it plays a good role in blood pressure control. Potassium contained in one normal sized banana is about 9% of Recommended Dietary Intake or RDI. A research shows that a person who consumed plenty of potassium have about 27% lower risk of heart disease. High potassium consumption is also linked with a reduced risk of stroke, protection from a loss of muscle mass, preservation of bone density and a reduction of the formation of kidney stones.

Other benefits
Banana also believed to relieve asthma, a study performed by the Imperial College of London concluded that children who consume one banana per day had a 34% less chance of developing asthma. Banana also reduces the risk of cancer thanks to its high amount of vitamin C by combating the free radicals. High fiber from fruits and vegetables also associated with a lowered risk of colorectal cancer.

Nutritional breakdown of bananas
Here is a little nutritional information that strawberry contain in one medium-sized banana (118 grams)
•    Potassium: 9% of the RDI.
•    Vitamin C: 11% of the RDI.
•    Copper: 10% of the RDI.
•    Manganese: 14% of the RDI.
•    Vitamin B6: 33% of the RDI.
•    Magnesium: 8% of the RDI.
•    Protein: 1.3 grams.
•    Fat: 0.4 grams.
•    Net carbs: 24 grams.
•    Fiber: 3.1 grams.

With all these health benefits of banana, there is no excuse to not include banana on your diet plan and everyday eating habit. Banana is a delicious fruit that can be consumed in a ton of ways, for example, you can make a berries and banana smoothie that you can found in this post.

Happy new year guys, keep being healthy!

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